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August 26, 20174 Comments

We have a new dividend growth stock list with a Dividend Geek twist using David Fish’s popular Champions, Contenders, and Challengers “CCC” list of companies that have raised dividends each year for at least the past five years.

In a nutshell the list includes all CCC stocks with a Morningstar ‘Wide’ or ‘Narrow’ economic moat competitive advantage rating, and then we sort the whole list by percent discount to fair value. It’s an easy way to start your search for undervalued high quality companies with a history of raising their dividends each year.

The list is dynamic during market hours using Google Sheet formulas to pull data for the Current Price, % Change, 52 Week High, 52 Week Low, and P/E columns. Naturally the ‘% Fair Value’ column cells will update as prices move up and down.

You can find the list by clicking on the ‘CCC Fair Value’ button on the top menu bar.

Valuable instructions are documented at the bottom of the spreadsheet, be sure to read those first to understand all the numbers and how the yellow and red highlighted cell warning indicators are setup.

We hope Dividend Geek readers will find great value using this new comprehensive listing tool and return often to start their search for dividend growth stocks for further research and analysis. For additional data, you can find David Fish’s full CCC spreadsheet by clicking here.

All the best!

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  1. bump513 says:

    Thanks! A time saver.

  2. FerdiS says:

    Thanks for creating and sharing a great resource! I’m curious if adding the Morningstar data is a manual process, or if you have some automated or semi-automated way of doing it?

    • BigGeek says:

      Yes it is a manual process. However, the economic moat rating doesn’t change very often and I have some techniques that make updating fair value easier.

      Thanks for commenting!

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