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Latest Purchase Polaris Industries

May 4, 20163 Comments

In my last post on April 28 I mentioned that it looked like Polaris Industries (PII) had some near term support in the $96 range, which would help raise the dividend yield. At the time it was trading around $100 a share. Well yesterday (5/3/16) just 5 days later PII opened at $98.50 and pulled […]

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Fair Value Updates & Dividend Increases

April 28, 20160 Comments

The following nine companies that are followed on our watchlist had fair value increases this past week. Percentage wise CNI and MSFT were exceptional upgrades. You gotta love JNJ and KO they just keep plugging along. CNI from $50 to $58 HAS from $74 to $77 JNJ from $102 to $104 KO from $43 to […]

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10 New Dividend Growth Stocks Worth Watching

April 27, 20160 Comments

After recently looking over the the list of 50 Dividend Aristocrats. I decided to look over all companies that have raised their dividends for 17 or more years in search for companies that I’m not already watching that would make good dividend growth stocks. Companies that I would be willing to purchase at the right […]

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Dividend Aristocrats outperform S&P 500 by 8% annually over past 10 years

April 21, 20160 Comments

I recently read two articles about how the Dividend Aristocrats have outperformed the market. You may have heard of Dividend Champions which is a compilation that most dividend growth investor use, but not Divided Aristocrats. Both Dividend Champions and Dividend Aristocrats cover stocks with 25 or more consecutive years of dividend increases. So what’s the […]

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Watchlist Tips & Tricks

April 16, 20161 Comment

Tip #1   At the bottom of the Watchlist there are four tabs that you can click on to sort the Watchlist by, they are Yield (the default screen), Dividend Growth rate, % Fair Value, and Quality Score. These are four important qualities to begin your search when looking to purchase a dividend growth stock. I […]

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Fair Value Update and 6 Dividend Growth Stocks added to the Watchlist

April 10, 20160 Comments

The following dividend growth stocks received fair value increases by Morningstar for the week ending 4/8/2016. APD from $140 to $146 CAH from $73 to $79 MCD from $122 to $128 There were several significant decreases in fair value as well mostly in the down beaten oil patch: CL from $73 to $71 CVX from […]

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Oil, Oil, Swimming in Oil

April 7, 20161 Comment

I remember in high school when my track coach Mr. Barnes “Barney” asked me and my best friend Bobby (our teams most excellent pole vaulter) to go get gas for his Honda Civic. Huh? We said: “uh? sure thing coach!” Wait?… Was our hard-nosed disciplinarian coach letting us off the hook on our 100 yard wind […]

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Watchlist Fixed, No buys last week

April 4, 20166 Comments

The Watchlist page has been fixed! It now displays all relevant data to find the best dividend growth stocks and when they are trading at a discount to fair value. With the market returning to November highs (DJIA above 17,500) I did not buy any stock this week or add to any positions. Personally I […]

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Balancing my Portfolio Sector Weighting

March 29, 20160 Comments

This past winter the collapse of oil prices and the reduced forecasts in global growth (mainly China) have brought about some deep bargains in the Energy and Industrial sectors. During the sell off I purchased a little too much of a good thing. In doing so my portfolio became overweight in these sectors and too […]

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Fair Value Increases

March 28, 20165 Comments

The following dividend growth stocks received fair value increases by Morningstar for the week ending 3/25/2016. ACN from $98 to $101 ADP from $77 to $79 KMB from $106 to $109 The new fair value prices have been updated on the ‘Check for Undervalued Stocks’ and ‘Watchlist’ pages. Naturally when the value of a company […]

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