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New ETF DGR Spreadsheet

September 5, 20170 Comments

On June 24 2016 I purchased 125 shares of SCHD (Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF). Prior to the purchase I had been investigating low cost ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) that closely matched my dividend growth stock investing methodology. During my search I discovered SCHD and not long after my interest in buying SCHD, the BREXIT […]

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Watchlist Update and Additions

April 5, 20170 Comments

The Dividend Geek Watchlist has been fully updated based on David Fish’s latest end of March updates to his list of dividend champions, challengers and contenders. Also, all of the latest fair values estimates have been updated. I did some research and found four new dividend growth stocks to add to the Dividend Geek Watchlist, […]

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Upgraded Watchlist

January 2, 20176 Comments

I made some major improvements and updates to the Dividend Geek Watchlist. I hope they benefit you as much as they have helped me! The most noticeable is that I combined the Champions & Contenders list and the Challengers list into one single list called (you guessed it) the ‘Champions, Contenders & Challengers’ watchlist. I […]

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What does Trump, OPEC and the Fed have in common?

December 8, 20161 Comment

They are all market drivers that are currently causing major sector rotation. The various market sectors of the economy rotate in and out of favor throughout the business cycle. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter, I’m not 100% sure this is accurate and most likely not the whole picture, but this is […]

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Updated fair value estimates and dividend raises!

December 6, 20160 Comments

The fair value estimates for the¬†Challengers Watchlist¬†has been updated. There were three increases and three decreases since they were last updated, as follows: Fair Value Increases BA from $141 to $151 IR from $70 to $71 UPS from $103 to $105 Fair Value Decreases PAYX from $48 to $45 PFE from $38 to $37 WHR […]

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18 Core Dividend Growth Stocks to Strengthen Your Portfolio

October 24, 20164 Comments

Dividend growth investing by its nature is a conservative long-term investing methodology. But, with all of the recent uncertainty in the world (maybe this election cycle is getting to me) I have felt the need to bolster my portfolio with additional strength. I decided to review the companies listed in my current prospective dividend growth […]

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Hershey buy out bid and other fair value estimates

July 2, 20162 Comments

This week Mondelez (MDLZ), the international company know for its Cadbury chocolate, made a $23 Million takeover bid for Hershey (HSY), which came to $107 per share of Hershey stock. Prior to the bid announcement, Hershey had been trading below Moringstar’s fair value estimate of $103 in the $90-$98 range for the past five months. […]

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Fair Value Increases and Retailers take a hit

June 7, 20161 Comment

Here’s a quick update on changes in fair values… The following four companies that we follow had their fair value increased recently by Morningstar. Medtronics in the healthcare sector having the best percentage jump of 9.2% from $76 to $83 per share. CLX from $114 to $115 COST from $140 to $143 LOW from $81 […]

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Latest Purchase Polaris Industries

May 4, 201612 Comments

In my last post on April 28 I mentioned that it looked like Polaris Industries (PII) had some near term support in the $96 range, which would help raise the dividend yield. At the time it was trading around $100 a share. Well yesterday (5/3/16) just 5 days later PII opened at $98.50 and pulled […]

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Fair Value Updates & Dividend Increases

April 28, 20160 Comments

The following nine companies that are followed on our watchlist had fair value increases this past week. Percentage wise CNI and MSFT were exceptional upgrades. You gotta love JNJ and KO they just keep plugging along. CNI from $50 to $58 HAS from $74 to $77 JNJ from $102 to $104 KO from $43 to […]

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