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Buying Quality on the Market Correction

February 5, 20180 Comments

Finally a pull back in the market provided a good opportunity for me to add two new positions in high quality companies, and to add to two existing positions. The combined four trades will provide $560 of annual dividend income. To see all of these recent trades just login and go to Members > Dividend […]

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8 Dividend Geek Stocks Raise their Dividends

January 28, 20180 Comments

Several dividend growth stocks that I follow raised their dividend payment last week. Most of them were healthy double digit increases. I’m especially pleased with the raises for MMP and APD since I personally own them. If you track the yield on cost and the dividend growth rate on your personal portfolio like I do […]

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New Trade – Adding at 52 Week Lows

January 11, 20180 Comments

Just had an order filled today. The new position will generate about $300.00 of annual dividend income with a 12 month average yield of 4.43% and 5 year dividend growth rate of 14.4%. For details log into your Dividend Geek account and go Member > Dividend Geek Trades.

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Two New Trades

January 5, 20180 Comments

Two of my open orders were just filled. Combined these two positions will generate a steady $655.00 of annual dividend income. For details log into your Dividend Geek account and go Member > Dividend Geek Trades. In other dividend news, Pfizer (PFE) recently increased its dividend 6.25% and authorized another $10 Billion to its share […]

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Exclusive New Features to Dividend Geek Members

December 28, 20173 Comments

Good news for Dividend Geek members! When you are logged into your account you can now access Dividend Geek’s trades and portfolio information, two new features located under the ‘Member’ button on the menu bar. Dividend Geek Trades The new ‘Dividend Geek Trades’ feature allow you access my┬álatest trades and current open orders in real-time […]

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ROE Added to Watchlist

December 6, 20173 Comments

Updates All of the data values on the homepage watchlist have been updated. This includes David Fish’s monthly update of the Dividend Champions spreadsheet data, and the Morningstar fair values estimates. Qualcomm (QCOM) had the highest fair value estimate increase from $68 to $75 per share. Simon Property Group (SPG) had the largest drop in […]

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New ETF DGR Spreadsheet

September 5, 20170 Comments

On June 24 2016 I purchased 125 shares of SCHD (Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF). Prior to the purchase I had been investigating low cost ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) that closely matched my dividend growth stock investing methodology. During my search I discovered SCHD and not long after my interest in buying SCHD, the BREXIT […]

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Watchlist Update and Additions

April 5, 20170 Comments

The Dividend Geek Watchlist has been fully updated based on David Fish’s latest end of March updates to his list of dividend champions, challengers and contenders. Also, all of the latest fair values estimates have been updated. I did some research and found four new dividend growth stocks to add to the Dividend Geek Watchlist, […]

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Upgraded Watchlist

January 2, 20176 Comments

I made some major improvements and updates to the Dividend Geek Watchlist. I hope they benefit you as much as they have helped me! The most noticeable is that I combined the Champions & Contenders list and the Challengers list into one single list called (you guessed it) the ‘Champions, Contenders & Challengers’ watchlist. I […]

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What does Trump, OPEC and the Fed have in common?

December 8, 20162 Comments

They are all market drivers that are currently causing major sector rotation. The various market sectors of the economy rotate in and out of favor throughout the business cycle. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter, I’m not 100% sure this is accurate and most likely not the whole picture, but this is […]

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