Why Dividend Geek

For your financial freedom, to enjoy life and help others


Dividend Geek is a long-term wealth-building service dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom. Our system uses the power of compound interest combined with dividend growth and value investing to make your financial independence a mathematical certainty. We provide the tools and information to make it easy for you to build your own compounding money machine, and achieve the same outstanding results enjoyed by the worlds greatest investors.



Unlimited possibilities

Think of it… when you achieve financial freedom you can start using your most precious resource, time, in more efficient and better ways because you no longer have to slave away the days trying to earn an hourly income to pay the bills.

The dividend geek system is designed to give you financial freedom so you can retire in the best position to enjoy life and help others. You not only have the money, but the time, energy and health to make a real positive impact and difference in the world.



Powerful – Spend just 30 minutes a month and retire a multi-millionaire

For the amount of time it takes (very little) you will achieve incredible results, think about it, less than 30 minutes per month equating to 2 million dollars over 30 years!!

You have probably heard about the power of compound interest. It’s believed that Albert Einstein said: “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” In the case of stocks reinvested dividends is the equivalent to compound interest.

What you probably haven’t heard of is a second powerful compounding factor called Dividend Growth it’s the best kept secret on Wall Street.

Dividend growth is when a company raises their dividend payment each year. There are many great companies that have raised their dividend on average of 10% a year… for over 25 consecutive years! This goes unnoticed to most people as they trade in and out of stock regularly; but, with a long-term horizon if you reinvest dividends that are also growing larger every year, you can create a powerful compounding money machine!

The good news is that Dividend Geek does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can easily build your own compounding money machine and it only takes a few minutes a month.


Safe – Based on mathematically proven principles.

Most long-term investment systems utilize compound interest – that’s nothing new. Dividend Geek is unique in that it uses the power of dividend growth and combines it with compound interest to turbo-charge the compounding effect. The combination of these to compounding elements is the mathematical force that produces inevitable ever increasing higher returns. It will turn a $5,000 a year Roth IRA contribution into 2 million dollars, and $460,000 a year in dividend income, but it takes time for the compounding to reach exponential growth, so the earlier you start the better.

I know these numbers seem unbelievable. That’s the nature of exponential compounding mathematically it’s difficult to comprehend. Feel free to run the numbers for yourself!

Download the 30 year income calculator spreadsheet that our estimates are based on >


Simple – Can be learned in 30 minutes.

We have worked hard to make successful investing simple. We provide you with the best dividend growth stocks sorted by discount to fair value. All you do is 1) enter your stock positions, 2) review your stock diversification, and then 3) purchase stock when its on sale (highlighted in dark green) that helps diversify your portfolio. Set your dividends to automatically reinvest and watch your money machine compound and grow. It’s that’s simple! Easy yet powerfully successful!

You can check our website to find when our best stocks, which all have strong competitive advantages and 25 year histories of raising their dividends trade at a 20% discount, or just wait for our email notification.


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